As a Trust we share information and best practices to ensure we focus on an excellent and sustainable 0-19 learning journey for children, with a strong focus on our school and Trust community.

Child smiling, carrying/ dancing with ribbon
Two students sat using a model bead to learn, with students in the back taking notes
Two students and a teacher cooking
Teacher helping the student to read and another student drawing
Student in a DT lesson doing woodwork.
Child crawling in our adventure learning area under a shelter
Claire Penfold our CEO

Message from Claire Penfold, CEO

"Our Trust is a family of schools that support each other enabling us to draw on the expertise of a much wider group of subject specialists for advice and training in order to provide the very best educational experience to our pupils and students no matter which school they attend.

We have exceptionally high aspirations for the children in our schools and we believe that all students are entitled to benefit from all of the opportunities we can offer, because we aim to equip every student with the knowledge, skills and values they need to achieve the very best that they can.

The Trust provides unique adventure opportunities for all of our students. We have Bachelor’s Hall, a historic building in a beautiful setting on Dartmoor, that offers Residentials for all the Trust schools, so the children develop a sense of physical adventurousness, resilience, teamwork and the ability to self-challenge.

We offer a distinctively broad, personalised, and academically rigorous curriculum across our primary and secondary schools, and aspire to the highest standards of teaching and learning for every child in every school."